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Kanye West is no stranger to drama and controversy but some say his latest antics are too dark and show signs of Devil worship

This week Kanye released a dark and mysterious video for his song “New Slaves“.  The video was released secretly in various countries around the world by being projected on the exterior walls of 66 buildings In 6 Different Countries!.

Check out the video for yourself

Ye also sent out a tweet leaving a very  vague message “June Eighteen” (6+6+6=18, June is the 6th month) but no explanation to the tweet has been given and the tweet was deleted shortly after it posted.

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This just adds to the speculation that Kanye WestJay-ZBeyonce, & Rihanna are part of the illuminati circles along with many other celebrities and politicians.  But what’s interesting is that some of the lyrics in the song ‘New Slave’ denounce the illuminati.  So then what’s up with the dark, cryptic, and secret messages?

Lastly, the title of Kanye’s upcoming album is titled “Yeezus” and it has struck a chord with devout religious groups. Since the release of the album title and details Kanye has received backlash from outspoken religious leaders and communities alike.

So is Kanye playing with the Devil or is he just reaching for buzz for his new album.  Sound Off in our poll.

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