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In a recent interview with Vlad TV, Talib Kweli was asked about defending Jay-Z against Illuminati allegations in 2008, and Talib, being the genius emcee that he is, took that opportunity to GO TO SCHOOL with the actual factuals regarding what the Illuminati actually is!

He broke it down to where even the most trying their very best not to learn nothin type characters will learn it ,understand it and hopefully respect what he has to say!

Check out Talib in all his glory int the video below!

It doesn’t matter what anyone says, as long as we have guys out here still willing to speak truth and have meaningful dialogue both through their music and the various platforms afforded to them, then Hip Hop ain’t dead! Yes, there is a lot of foolishness out here in these Hip Hop streets, but there is also intelligence too, and it deserves a voice. Good for Talib Kweli for telling the truth about what all of this means. And if he disappears from Earth tomorrow, we’ll know who got him! Aww We kid! We kid!

In all seriousness, we salute Talib Kweli, thanks for educating the masses on something they speak on frequently but don’t know too much about.

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