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As we previously reported, Danity Kane is getting back together, with or without Diddy‘s blessing. We reported last week that the girls were spotted out and all the members were present and speaking on it, except for Dee Woods, well we guess we know why!  According to Hip Hop DX, she didn’t even know about it until the story broke across Twitter! She gave an interview to Detroit, Michigan’s HOT 107.9 and discussed it.

Says Dee,

I was surprised myself. [Laughs] However, after seeing the pictures, seeing the clip of the video, I saw that [Danity Kane was] in Los Angeles; I am not in Los Angeles, so there goes the reason why I am not in the picture. [Laughs] I’m actually in Atlanta right now. I found out when my timeline went off the chain.”

Wow! when asked about the group and what’s been going on since they were disbanded, Woods said,

“We did go our separate ways back in fall of ’08. Since then, I’ve really been putting my energies into these different projects. I’m gonna support them as I’ve always supported them, and I hope that they’ll support me.”

Upon being asked about the situation with Diddy and whether or they could continue to be known as Danity Kane without his blessings, she said;

“We as a group came up with that name,”

Hmm, guess that would hold up in court as long as they can prove it!  When asked if she would think about trying to collect royalties from the other girls for using the name, she responded;

 ”I’m not spiteful; I’m not tryin’ to come get some. That’s theirs, I got mine over here.

Lastly they asked D. would she be interested in rejoining Danity Kane with her former group mates?

 ”I would definitely consider it.”

Boy she’s an awfully good sport! Most people in that situation would have spilled every last bit of the tea on those girls after  learning something that significant over social media. A heads up would have at least been somewhat respectful. But she’s taking the high road and it’s refreshing! Best wishes to her!

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Ouch! Ex-Danity Kane Member D.Woods Learned Of Danity Kane Reunion On Twitter  was originally published on theurbandaily.com

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