Poor Beyonce: First Malaysia Now Egypt. They are up in arms that she will be performing in their country, describing her as a sinner possessed by Satan:

Beyonce is set to perform for the first time, this Friday in North Africa at the Red Sea Resort of Port Ghalib. But the queen of Pop is been described as a sinner and of satanic possession by the extreme wings of both religious sects. Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic movement and staunch opposition of the Mubarak government said the government is trying to divert peoples’ attention from real business of politics by bringing a singer who always appears naked in her video clips to play in Egypt.

Her provocative dance moves and half-naked outfits could easily stir up reaction from ardent religious and modest people, observers have said. Beyonce who once claimed she is religious and goes to church was quickly slammed by an online Christian group,, “Beyonce is NO Christian. She is satanic, serving the Devil,” it stated. Read More 

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