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Tamar Braxton revealed that she intends to breast feed when it baby arrives like mothers have been doing throughout history.

It’s one of those big motherhood debates: breast or bottle? Well the “Love & War” singer has decided she’s going to do what her body was designed to do.

Tamar revealed that she’s been leaning toward breast feeding, telling TheJasmineBrand.com, “I really have. I hope that’s the path I’m going down, I’m really going to try my hardest.”

It’s the latest revelation for the “Braxton Family Values” star, who has been speaking out about a number of deeply personal topics recently. For example, Tamar’s always been hounded by accusations that she bleaches her skin. Even after it was announced that she suffers from vitiligo, which saps pigmentation from your skin in patches, the skin bleaching allegations continued. READ MORE!

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