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In an interview with Monica Taylor of MommysDirtyLittleSecret.com, veteran DJ and producer Jazzy Joyce opens up about being a lesbian, her first sexual experience and domestic abuse she suffered in one relationship.

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On when she knew…

Monica Taylor: We’ve been friends for over 20 years…Wow! When did you know you were different from the other girls?

DJ Jazzy Joyce:  In 4th grade I always looked forward to my teacher leaning over me so I can smell her and look at her boobs and I used to love the show “I Dream of Jeanie.” I didn’t know I was different…I just knew girls excited me. It was natural.

On domestic violence in her relationship..

MT:  You had a lot of great relationships that I remember but not too long ago you went through something that surprised me. Domestic violence is something you don’t hear lesbians talk about often, tell me about your experience…

JJ:  People don’t know, I was with this woman for 4 years. Her breaking my nose was just the volcano erupting.  The sex was incredible…but the violence was just as incredible.  One day I had to go to the radio station and the girl had slashed my tires.  When I got to the station and I was too embarrassed to tell anyone or get counseling from a domestic violence center because I was gay.  It was incredibly lonely, you feel like people are going to say ‘that’s what you get for your type of lifestyle.’ So you just suffer in silence.


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