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The price of that greeny green is probably about to go up in Texas. After a routine traffic stop near Corpus Christi, Texas, 3.9 tons of kush was discovered hidden in an oil tanker. Needless t say, someone is in big trouble with their connect.

The value of the marijuana was estimated at more than $3.4 million, the Texas Department of Public Safety said in a news release Wednesday.

The driver of the 1999 tanker truck was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana. The name of the driver is being withheld, Sgt. Johnny Hernandez, a DPS spokesman said, because there is the possibility of more arrests in the case.

The amount of pot confiscated in the incident was among the largest in recent memory, Hernandez said. “It’s a big, significant seizure,” he said.

An investigation into the marijuana seizure, which took place in San Patricio County northeast of Corpus Christi, was continuing on Wednesday, according to Texas officials.

The driver, who has been revealed to be 45-year-old Paul Anthony Simmons of Robstown, is being held on $1 million bail. We’re guessing he isn’t getting out anytime soon.

Check out photos of the confiscated drugs and the future inmate on the next page.

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