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Trying to loose weight, let me help you out on what NOT to do…

1. Crash Diets-grapefruit or cabbage soup each day! Stop! you are training your metabolism to slow down. Once the diet is over, you have a body that burns calories more slowly — and you usually regain the weight.

2. Skipping Breakfast– the result can be insatiable hunger the rest of the day. And lead to unplanned snacking

3. Loosing track of your snacks-Don’t do mindless munching

4. Not Snacking at all– People who eat several small meals and snacks a day are more likely to control hunger and lose weight.

5. Loading up on Low Fat-low-fat isn’t the same as low-calorie and it’s not a license to take second and third helpings.

6. Sipping too many Calories– some fancy coffees and alcoholic beverages have more than 500 calories which can add up quick before you even eat

7. Drinking too little Water- If you let yourself get dehydrated, your metabolism drags — and that means slower weight loss.

8. Ditching Dairy– body burns more fat when it gets enough calcium and produces more fat when it’s calcium-deprived

9. Taking the Drive-through Bait- Drive thru’s are easy but choose heathier options

10. Weighing yourself everyday– Shoot for weekly weigh-ins

11. Settling a Unrealistic Goal- A realistic goal is vital to successful dieting

12. Avoiding Exercise– When you don’t exercise, you place the entire burden of weight loss on your diet.

More active, more weight you will loose!

For more detailed information log on to: http://www.webmd.com/diet/ss/slideshow-diet-mistakes?ecd=wnl_day_032913&ctr=wnl-day-032913_ld-stry&mb=


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