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Jay-Z has responded to the diss song by Beanie Sigel “What You Talkin Bout (Average Cat)”  at the Canadian Press conference. Jay appeared at Montreal’s Molson Centre to answer questions from writes and reporters. “Beanie Sigel, to be honest and you can look it up, just to be honest…was driving two Bentleys. I don’t know how,” Jay-Z said at a press conference to the Canadian Hip-Hop site. “Its impossible to drive two cars at the same time. With his momma in the sticks, selling 800,000. I don’t know what more you can do for somebody.” Jay-Z than went on even talking about how Beanie has never gone platinum. “What people choose to do when they obtain that type of success, at some point you gotta look in the mirror and look at yourself,” Jay continued. “Beanie Sigel had a record deal, a record label and a clothing line…and never went platinum. Ever. I don’t know in the history of rap has anyone done so much with so little. So, I don’t know what more can you do for a person at that point. A record deal – that’s normal. A record label and a clothing line. If that’s not pushing the person…ish.”

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