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Remember when Robert Zimmerman, brother of alleged Trayvon Martin murderer George Zimmerman, used to go on talk shows and speak softly while defending his brother against allegations? Remember how he claimed he had empathy for the Martin family and for their loss? Well that  seems to have all gone away.

Robert Zimmerman has taken to his Twitter account to Tweet some very nasty allegations about Trayvon, and the Martin Family supporters. He is spewing venom about everything from who’s playing the “race card” in this situation to calling black people “risky”.

Check out some of his Tweets below;

His timeline reads like a book.  It goes on and on about how his brother George Zimmerman was a victim and how Trayvon went after him that night. He also Tweets incessantly about how he himself is not being racist, while a plethora of people tweet racists ideas back and forth to him and seemingly cheer him on throughout his rants. Thought provoking indeed.

One thing that was particularly interesting was, how Robert Zimmerman continuously asks what the term “No Limit Nig**” means. It’s as if they think they’ve caught some gang related info on Travyon’s FB or something. Someone should send him over some Percy music stat so that they can clear that on up!

The only thing that we all know for sure is that Trayvon Martin is dead.There is no way for Trayvon to be Tweeting “talking points” about his side of what happened that night. And to be comparing him to another 17 year old in GA who allegedly pointed a gun at a 13 month old baby and pulled the trigger after shooting the child’s mother in a botched robbery is reckless at best. If he didn’t know Trayvon while he was alive, how does he then claim to know what was in his heart or his mind?

The trial of George Zimmerman begins in June, and if this is any indication of what’s going to be happening , then we are all in for a very long Summer.

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George Zimmerman’s Brother Goes On Twitter Rampage Against Trayvon Martin!  was originally published on theurbandaily.com