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They say most geniuses are a little crazy right?  The entire world is used to hearing and seeing Kanye West do some crazy things.  We put up with it because Kanye is an artist and we understand he sees the world differently.  But lately he has been going on rant after rant and saying some very off the wall things.  Either he is on that OOH WEE or his thoughts are getting the best of him. HERE ARE 5 SIGNS THAT YE MAY BE GOING CRAZY IN FRONT OF OUR EYES


Kanye started off the year by doing a total recall. Kanye appeared to be unhappy with the reaction to his fashion statement and reportedly asked picture agency Getty Images to scrap every photograph it has of him in the outfit. What’s crazy is that you wore a kilt Ye’ taking down the pics doesn’t take back the image burned into our memories…but this was just a small sign…flip the page for the rest.

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