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A group of women in Charlotte for the CIAA say they paid top dollar for a party, but one of them became the victim of a club beat down.

Felicia Cunningham is still in shock over the beating she says she got at the hands of private security, Saturday night.

“They slammed my head against the wall,” she tearfully recalled. “I never had anybody do that to me. They were five men. Five.”

Cunningham, her sister and cousin went to the Daisy Dooks gentleman club to see rapper Drake perform.

“We came to see Drake,” she recalled. “That’s not what we saw.”

The first red flag, she says: not knowing it was a strip club till they got there.

Online, the venue was called Cameo and there was no mention of the venue being called Daisy Dooks or the fact that it was a strip club.

Since the women spent $1,600 spent on a VIP table, they didn’t want to leave.

“So our plan was, once we see Drake — we leave,” she said.

Other problems followed: someone stole her purse and she says they openly witnessing strippers performing sexual acts.

“We’re actually descended on in the VIP by strippers,” she said. “They’re becoming very aggressive saying we want to sit down here.”

That’s when Cunningham said her sister called for security. But when the men arrived –they threw them out — and then beat her.

“Pulling my hair,” she remember. “My arms have bruises all the way down my arm. My ribs are bruised.”

Once outside, Cunningham said they told police what happened but say officers told them they couldn’t go inside because of the club’s private security.

The next day, she filed a report, went to the ER and then contacted the club’s owner who she says offered to help.

“Even though Daisy Dukes isn’t responsible and we don’t have anything to do with it, we’re gonna help you,” she said.

But Cunningham says there has been no help and says she wants others to learn from her experience.

“If it’s a strip club, it’s a strip club,” she said. “Do your homework, don’t be naive.”

WBTV contacted Daisy Dooks and the private security firm, Kodiak Police. Neither have returned our calls.

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