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All my reality show Love and Hip Hop watchers did you see this past episode when Jen the Pen got into a HEATED argument with Raqi and told her “I’m White honey it will get Done!” Watch below:

This statement in my book falls under…Things NOT to say in a Argument! Here is a list of 10 Things NOT to say in a Argument!

1. You’re a ***** (this can permanently damage the relationship)

2. At Least I’m not Fat like you!

3. It’s Pointless Talking to you

4. I don’t CARE!

5. Now I know why I left you (then insult the person)

6. My Ex can hold it down better than you

7. Your Family/Friends are Useless

8. Are you completely crazy!

9. Do it and I will Kill you or harm you

10. The race card- I’m White/Black, I will get it done! 

Now these of course are give and take and in a argument the truth actually comes out! Just be careful of WHAT comes out because it can really damage and and that person.


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