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Grammy-nominated rapper 2 Chainz recently dished out the details behind his upcoming “2 Broke Girls” cameo, which is slated to premiere next week on CBS.

According to Chainz and the show’s co-stars, he came through on his performance with flying colors.

“It was real hard, but I knew I could pull it off,” Deuce told “TWIJ.” “Being 2 Chainz is a real hard task so what I had to do was wear 2 Chainz.” The show’s stars had only good things to say about the rapper’s dive into acting. “He went really method,” said Beth Behrs, who plays former rich girl Caroline on the show. “He’s really funny. You got a gift for comedy. You’re a good actor.” The “Birthday Song” spitter is used to rap compliments but looked to his new acting buddies for reassurance. “You just telling me that? You pulling my chain,” he asked Behrs. “Would we pull your chains, 2 Chainz?” Kat Dennings, who plays Max, answered jokingly. (MTV)

Reports of Chainz’s new TV spot landed online around mid-January.

The night after the Grammy Awards on CBS, 2 Broke Girls is going to have a musical moment of their own, with a guest appearance from rapper 2 Chainz. EW has learned that the rapper, who is up for three Grammys, will appear on the Feb. 11 episode of 2 Broke Girls, playing himself. 2 Broke Girls airs Mondays on CBS. (Entertainment Weekly)

Details on the episode’s plot and Chainz’s cameo backstory also sprouted up a few weeks ago.

During the episode, Max (Kat Dennings) meets a guy who works for a record label who becomes so smitten with her that he offers to fly her — and Caroline (Beth Behrs) — to Los Angeles for the Grammys on a private plane. The episode also includes a Bucket List item for Max as she’ll celebrate her first time on a plane when her dream gets even better when the one passenger left waiting to board is rapper 2 Chainz. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Along with pending TV fame, the artist formerly known as “Tity Boi’s” Based On A T.R.U. Story was recently nominated for a “Rap Album of the Year” Grammy award and hit gold status last month.

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