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Radio One, Inc. Internship Program

A 3 to 6 month college level internship with the objective of developing a talent pool for future full or part-time hires and providing those qualified candidates with a positive work/training experience. Our internship program provides the local markets and locations with the opportunities to strengthen relationships with the community, local colleges, universities and broadcasting schools.

Who is qualified?

Internships are open to undergraduate and graduate students who are currently enrolled in a college degree program and are eligible to earn internship credit. Applicants must be 18 years or older and possess a valid school ID. Applicants must possess excellent communication skills and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment. Must be organized, self-motivated, energetic and a dependable team player.

What is the selection process?

Candidates are selected based on scholastic achievement and demonstrated interest in their area of concentration. When a candidate has been identified as a potential intern the internship coordinator will schedule an interview with the candidate. The interview will be conducted by a panel of at least two employees; the potential host supervisor and the market level internship coordinator. The panel will use a standard list of interview questions (see attached) and compare candidates based on the clarity and depth of answers provided during the interview.

What is the selection criterion?

The internship program at Radio One is highly competitive. The process of selecting the best candidates for the limited internship positions is guided by the following list of criteria.

The internship candidate:

• Understands the fundamental concepts within their area of interest.

What does the applicant understand about their field of interest and how it impacts organizational success?

• Demonstrated civic and or organizational responsibility.

What related or complementary work or volunteer experiences does the applicant have? Where has the applicant worked, for how long and, what formal or informal roles or responsibilities did s/he have?

• Demonstrated self-directed learning by pursuing ongoing professional development.

What related professional development courses have been taken? What pattern of pursuing ongoing learning is there?

• Proven leadership skills.

How has the applicant demonstrated leadership skills?

• Demonstrated a level of professionalism and skill which may add value to Radio One, Inc.

In what way may this intern be qualified for continued professional development or future hiring?

• Understands Radio One Incorporated’s broad goals.

In what way does the applicant understand the broad goals of Radio One, Inc?

• Understands the time requirements and commitments to the internship.

How much time does the candidate have to devote to the internship?


Instructions for filling out Internship Application Packet

1. Log onto

2. Under the “About Us” tab, click on “Career Center”

3. In the “Search Openings” category in “Locations”, select Cincinnati.

4. Click the “Search” tab

5. Click on the desired intern position under search results

6. Click on “Apply for this Position”

7. Fill out the entire application

– PLEASE be honest about you background check.

8. Upload and attach the following documents (in Word or PDF docs)

– Resume

– Statement of Interest

– College transcripts

– Official school letter stating you’re able to receive internship credit

– Copy of your school ID card

9. Sign & submit

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