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LADIES!!! Beauty is pain but watch out for foot pain due to heels! Below are examples of heels we wear that might not be good for us. Its good to “look good and sexy” but pay attention to foot pain!

 Ultra-High Heels-You can end up with painful knot at top of heel, the pressure leads to blisters, swelling, even pain in the Achilles tendon.

Woman wearing spiked high heels

 Stilettos-The weight is pinpointed on one area which makes you wobble like you’re walking on stilts. The result is that you’re more likely to trip and sprain your ankle.

Stiletto heels on runway

 Flip-Flops-Flip-flops offer very little protection.  Flip-flops provide no arch support they can aggravate plantar fasciitis and cause problems with the knees, hips, or back.

Woman wearing flip flops

 Pointy Toes-pointy toes squeeze the entire front of your foot together. This can cause nerve pain, bunions, blisters, and hammertoes. Some even develop bruises under their toenails from the constant pressure.

Uncomfortable pointy toed shoes

We all like “STYLISH” shoes but be aware of what you are doing to your feet and when you wear these shoes they should only be worn for a short period of time!

For more information and pictures/advice on better shoe options log on to http://www.webmd/pain-management/ss 


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