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Tahiry is beautiful and has an energy that is genuine and loveable. For a woman that started out as just “Joe Budden’s girl,” people just make assumptions and assume that the superstar was always on top. However, there is always someone whom has helped he or she make it to that point. It seems Tahiry was that person for Joe Budden. We had the pleasure of chopping it up with the sexy lady about defining herself as an individual, Swedish fish, her bodacious body, love vs. lust and yes Joe “Jump Off” Budden.

Different From The Rest of The Cast … I think I’m the first chick on the Love & Hip Hop cast to actually have a job. I watched some of the other seasons. I’m real. I am independent.  I wear sneakers lol. I love all the girls except for one or two of them. There is only one Tahiry … that’s me.

Defining Me Outside of Joe … I believe I pretty much did that already. I am doing it by myself now… without Joey. Initially, I was introduced as Joe’s ex-girlfriend, but it doesn’t define me… it never defined me. After that I stayed alive and I did it all by myself. It’s funny because I’ve already proven that I’m here to stay without Joe from music to movies to clothes. I’ve done all because of me, but for some reason people try to put us together even when we’re not.

Thicker Than a Snicker … I think that everyone can get a big booty nowadays is unfair. I am all the way natural. I feel like bitches need to stop cheating sometimes. I loved my body since I realized my body was too thick for a tutu. MORE!

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