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1. Dress, Drink, Dance

For a semi-traditional type of NYE celebration, find a great local show. Dress up in coordinating outfits, get a few drinks to loosen up your nerves and dance the night away together. Stumped at what concert to attend? Check out an app like StubHub to locate plenty near you. Try to find a venue that’s in close proximity to where the two of your live. That way, at the end of the evening, you’ll be able to quickly rush home to finish the night on a sexy note.


2. A “Quiet” Night At Home

For some folks, a nice evening alone with their honey is the best way to celebrate the holiday that most people go all-out on in groups. If you’re the type who would prefer a less crowded night, why not light some candles and pamper each other? In fact, you could even light a very special candle like Pure Romance’s Burning Desire, $24, which, when lit, melts into a delightful massage oil so you two can take turns giving sensual body rubs by the candlelight. Afterward, mix up a couple of cocktails, pop in a sexy flick and simply enjoy each other’s company. Plus, when midnight hits, you can do more than just kiss.

3. New Year’s Nostalgia 

Sometimes, couples who have been together for a long time forget the things that turned them into a pair in the first place. Plan out a “memory trail” of sorts, wherein the two of you go to spots you can reminisce at. For example, if you went on your first date at a coffee shop, go there at the beginning of your night. Have a favorite restaurant? Reserve a table and order your favorites. Had a first kiss in a park nearby? Recreate that with a nice, long walk together and remind yourselves why you make a great team. It’ll be the perfect close to a solid year together.

4. Cabin In The Woods

Are you and your beau nature lovers? Have a romantic getaway in the wilderness by renting a cabin. Think you two can’t afford it? Think again: there are tons of websites that feature last-minute deals, like Direct Cabin Rentals as well as discounted gift certificates for fun vacation spots on Groupon Getaways and LivingSocial. Using one of these can get you a great price on a lovely location for you to share a wonderful, isolated holiday.

5. Potluck Party

Are you two a new item? Have a little party with both his and your closest friends so you can all become acquainted. Prepare some drinks and appetizers yourselves — pre-party activities that can really bring out a partnership for you two — but also ask everyone to bring a dish. You’ll have a great get-together that will not only help you meet each other’s loved ones, but also get you excited for your future as a team.

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