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Funny man and Ohio native Katt Williams was arrested over the weekend for acting a straight fool out west!  First he slaps a Target cashier, who knows why, and then flicks cigarette ash and attempts to fight several people in a Seattle bar!  It’s being said that he was throwing around a pool cue and even resisted arrest when the five-o came to get him!

So they held him overnight and he was to appear in court today, but the cherry on this crazy icing is the person who bailed him out of jail!!!!  SUGE KNIGHT!!!  HUH?!

According to someone in Suge’s camp he is Katt’s tour manager.  All I have to say is that when you get involved with Suge things get crazy!  Somebody please save Katt from this crazy downward spiral!

Click here to see video of Katt Williams slap a Target cashier!

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