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DJ Dimepiece Featured In Metromix Cincinnati! “Behind The Beats”

Via: Metromix Cincinnati

DJ DimepieceThe Mixin’ Vixen

Credit:Graham Lienhart | Special to Metromix

Who she is: DJ Dimepiece, 20-something, Downtown

Where she spins: “Sexy Sundays” every Sunday at The Avenue Lounge in Covington. Also, from 10 p.m.-2 a.m. Monday-Friday on 101.1 The Wiz on “Dime Time Radio.” Hear it online at http://www.wiznation.com.

Her specialty: I specialize in urban music and Top 40, ranging from hip-hop and R&B to old-school, house and pop music. I’ve been a student of music since I was a young girl, so my music selection isn’t just limited to what I play on commercial radio. From being a violinist and piano player as a child, I have a wide music selection from classical to jazz and beyond. I knew music would always be some part of my profession.

Her go-to song(s): In the club, I can never go wrong with throwing on some throwbacks from the late great, Biggie Smalls. As of right now, “How Low” by Ludacris gets my crowd moving quick!

What she refuses to play: I can’t say that I do have a particular song that I’d refuse to play. All in all, if the record sucks, then only at that point, I’ll refuse to play it.

Where she parties: I hardly get a day off unfortunately. If and when there’s ever a night that I’m not working, I love to just relax and have some “me” time at home or go shopping.

The strangest thing: I was DJing Ray J’s Birthday Party at Poetry Night Club in Las Vegas and little did I know, he was eyeing and dancing on me while I was spinning! I was so much in a zone with DJing and vibing with the crowd that I had no idea. My sister, who video taped my gig had to point it out in the vid for me. Here’s the link (At the 7:59 mark): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=au4KKL_H8Sk

At Top: DJ Dimepiece works the tables at the Avenue for Sexy Sundays 2-21-10


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-DJ Dimepiece

“The Mixin’ Vixen”

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