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Some people don’t need the newest and the fastest. For the rest of you, the folks who like — and, sometimes, need — the newest and the best, this list is for you. We’ve compiled five of the best phones you can buy right now. It’s impossible to say these are the best phones in the world. People are passionate about their phones and will argue the smallest detail to prove their choice is the best. But these are, to quote Mr. C.K., five of the most “amazing” phones you can buy right now.

1. HTC Droid DNA (Price $199)-HTC is calling this the Most Advanced Smartphone in the world. To be sure, it’s a fantastic phone. The design is beautiful, and the quality and innovation packed inside makes it perhaps the greatest Droid ever made. It has a quad-core processor, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, 4G LTE and a beautiful 5-inch screen. Apple is right to boast about their Retina Display, but this Verizon phone is no slouch with a 1080p HD display.

2. IPhone5 ($199)-By all accounts this is the best iPhone ever made. Whatever you may have missed in the iPhone 4S is probably built into this one. It has 4G LTE, a screen that is larger and longer, and a faster processor.This is not just an upgrade. Apple’s newest phone was rebuilt from the ground up and you can feel it.

3. Samsung Galaxy S3 ($199)- Samsung is a well-known and reliable electronics brand with an eye for form as well as function, and this phone follows that trend. The S3 brings excellent performance and tons of innovation on an Android platform in a well-designed, tight package. The HD display is big and beautiful and the internal memory and 2GB RAM is more than enough.

4. Nokia Lumia 920 ($99)-

If you want a Windows Phone this is one of your best bets.  The Nokia Lumia 920 is among the most powerful Windows Phones you can buy and the features are seemingly endless. The camera, which uses Pure View technology, is fantastic — with a WXGA (1,280 x 768-pixel) resolution.

5. Samsung Gravity TXT ($19.99)- Not everyone needs — or can afford — a high-end smartphone. For those folks, the Samsung Gravity TXT is here and is available at T-Mobile. It has an excellent, slide-out QWERTY keyboard that comes with dedicated buttons for messaging, web browsing and emoticons. It also has a Social Buzz button for access to social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

For more details, log on to: Yahoo.com/shopping/best 5 cell phones

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