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Thanksgiving dinner may be the most anticipated meal of the year – but unfortunately, people can also anticipate the subsequent weight gain. Here are 10 tips on eating SMART for Thanksgiving!

1. Breakfast!- the most important meal of day! Fill up on healthy calories early in the day and you’re less likely to overeat during the feast

2. Walk it off– A quick trip around the block is a great way to shed a few calories! Don’t forget to exercise even though its a holiday!

3. Libations– Slow down with the alcoholic beverages! they add on mega calories on top of the good food! Drink water for dinner

4. Snack smart– Healthy snacks, including veggies, fruit, hummus or salt- free nuts.

5. Souped up– broth-based soups, are low in fat and make a great, yet filling, starter.

6. Substitutes– replace multiple ingredients with skim milk, low sodium broth, egg whites, sugar substitutes and olive oil.

7. Splurge a little- It’s a special occasion, so it’s OK to have a few of your favorites if you balance it out.

8. Petite plate– Little of this, little of that-smart portions and you still get the whole meal!

9. Put down the fork– Savor each bite, set down your fork, sip some water and have conversations

10. Easy on the sweets– limit dessert.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, just be smart about it to avoid unwanted weight gain!

For more log on to: http://www.wtop.com/695/3120237/11-tips-for-smart-eating-this-Thanksgiving

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