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So, you just got married and everyone around you is congratulating you on throwing the best wedding of the century and, more importantly, finding your perfect match! However, a few of those congratulations follow with that awkward question: “So, are you guys thinking about having kids yet?”

10 Things to do BEFORE you have Kids!!!

1. Join a low-key sports league for fun-enjoy being a kid yourself for a while

2. Attend a Music Festival or some sort of live entertainment with other adults

3. Travel-see the world, take your time and enjoy

4. Make Brunch a weekly event

5. Spend a good chunk of money on yourself

6. Try to save

7. Get a pet

8. Stay out all Night Long!

9. Score your Dream Job

10. Write a letter to yourself-describing who you are at this moment

These might seem like things you can do with kids and you can but if you do it BEFORE you have children it makes things that much sweater and when you do have children you will be ready to be a parent! For more log on to Beliefnet.com

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