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According Lawrence O’Donnell’s signature “Rewrite” segment, the MSNBC host challenged Mitt Romney’s oldest son, Tagg, to what sounded like a straight up, bare-knuckle bar fight.

O’Donnell replayed a radio interview with Tagg, in which Romey’s son joked about wanting to “take a swing” at the president for calling his dad a liar during Tuesday night’s debate.

O’Donnell was not happy, and challenged Tagg on his comments. “When I hear you talk about taking a swing and taking punches, why do I get the feeling that you’ve never actually taken a punch or thrown a punch?” O’Donnell asked.

“I didn’t have that luxury in the part of Boston that I grew up in, but in your rich, suburban, Boston life, with your father filling a $100 million trust fund for you, I dont’ know, I just get the feeling that things were kind of different.”


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