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You know you and your man are ready to get married when...

How young is too young to be MARRIED?!?! I personally would LOVE to be married soon but before I make that decision lets check out 7 Signs to know if you are ready to be married or not!

7. You’ve Dated Around– having a few solid long term relationships under your belt does help you figure out what qualities are important to you and what makes a relationship work-so you truly appreciate your future hubs when you find him.

6. You Share Similar Goals– Settle down with a man you’re more or less on the same page with: you both want to live in the city, you both want (or don’t want) kids, etc.

5. You Don’t Want to Change Him– Look, you don’t have to adore everything about your guy. But you do have to make peace with the fact that he’s always going to sack out on the couch and be glued to ESPN on Sunday afternoons

4. Your Connection Is Tight Out of Bed, Too – your bond to be strong enough for the long haul, you need more than a physical connection-meaning you need to know that you can have just as much fun together with your clothes on as you do when they’re off.

3. You’re Not Living Out a Bridal Fantasy-Getting hitched isn’t about the ceremony-it’s about what happens after your big day

2. You Both Try to Resolve Fights – sweeping conflicts under the rug only sets you up for a bigger blow-outs down the road, because the issues will likely resurface if left unresolved. If you can’t talk things out rationally, you’re not ready.

1. Your Friends and Family Dig Him-Of course, it’s your life, so you have the final say. Thing is, choosing a partner is a big deal, and your inner circle’s input does mean something. It’s fine if a few family members or friends aren’t huge fans of you two as a couple; you can’t please ’em all. But if everyone seems to think you’re a poor match, ask them why. They might be onto something.

So are you READY?!?! log on to http://www.cosmopolitan.com for more info! 


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