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In my opinion, she slippin’! If I was Mrs. Vincent “THE” Herbert I’d been had 2-3 kids by now, smh. Here’s what Tamar had to say about postponing having children with her husband:

Since you’re making progress with your recording career, does that also change your stance on becoming amother?

Honestly, I definitely want to do that. And I wouldn’t have gone through the whole IVF process if I didn’t want to do that. It’s just that the hormones were so much at one time. Looking back on it, I kind of wish that I was in the right frame of mind, because I would’ve done it right then and there. I’m just starting to feel like my old self again within the past couple of weeks.

I just felt like after the IVF process there were some things that were very important to me that I accomplished just as a woman and as a person just to show my kids by example, not just by telling them. I never want my kids to feel like I’m just some housewife who was just kicking it with my husband, because that’s not the kind of woman that I am. If I don’t do things for myself then how am I going to show my kids? So that’s why we decided to wait.

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