September is national Sickle Cell awareness month. Last night we rolled for a cause, Sickle Cell research. The fundraising event was held at the Fun Factory in Norwood. I assisted in hosting the event. My nerves were on high! It had been a minute since the last time I stepped foot on the rink. With the motivation and help from the supporters of the cause, I laced up and rolled. I’m proud to say not once did I fall and bust my _____. We had a good time! Not sure if it was intentional or not but the DJ threw on “Wobble” by V.I.C. and we danced for all to see in the middle of the rink. Realizing the impact we made with simply making the effort to show up, strapping on skates- We made a difference! To everyone who didn’t allow for the gloomy weather to deter them from donating to this cause, I say “thank you.” Proceeds from the event went directly to Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital. For further information on this disease call 513-636-4541.


  • Sickle disorders are inherited from parents
  • One in 10African Americans is carrying the Sickle Cell trait
  • Sickle Cell disease can cause lifelong episodes of pain

Get tested for the trait, Get informed, Get involved!

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