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Not every little girl grows up with a father figure in her life. Young women are raising younger women on their own and missing that essential variable in their household equation. Playing house without a male to play the role daddy is tough.

HE doesn’t have to be your dad, HE just has to be there. 

In light of Father’s Day, here are 5 things DAD can do, that mom can’t:

5. Teach his daughter how to love/ be loved.

The first couple of years in a young girl’s life are crucial. It is then that she is mostly influenced by her surroundings. She is a sponge. The way dad loves mom is the way she will allow a man to love her (most of the time). The way daddy likes to be treated, is how she will treat her man one day. It is so important for a father to be in his daughter’s life at a young age to set these examples.

4. Scare away BOYS!

Some men aren’t worth your love or your time. That’s when dad comes in handy. He will weed out the good from the bad, because no one is good enough for his baby! And, he knows the ins and outs of the male species, nothing should get by him!

3. Protect

A father (as well as a mother) should be there to steer his daughter away from harm. He is supposed to warn his child of the dangers lurking and ward off the boys sniffing behind her as she grows into a woman.

2. Wipe your tears when you cry

Mom can do this too, but it means so much more when the male figure in your life lets you know “it will be O.K.” He is the rock of the house and the person whose voice resonates respect and dominance. Dad or the male in your life, should be able to hold you and you feel slightly, not all the way, better! 




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