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Here we are again. We’ve made it through another year and now we’re back at Father’s Day. I can only speak for myself when I say there’s not much to “celebrate”. Hold on, let me explain before you tune me out!

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I come from a single parent household having grown up without my father, like many children of my generation (it’s more common than not), and every time Father’s Day comes around we talk about broken homes. I’m not a psychologist or sociologist by profession, however in my community I recognize the cause and effect single parent households have had on the children raised in them. Some turn out great, while others may have needed more love, attention and/or discipline.

This brings me to my mother. Something has to be said for the woman who does it all. She cooks, she cleans, she helps the kids with homework, she leads by example; she even has the nerve to work 2 jobs when necessary! That woman is my mother. She was the type of mother who made everything seem ok, no matter how broken the family was. So for me it’s not that I don’t acknowledge the men who are amazing fathers. In fact, I salute them and I say THANK YOU. It’s just that in my world, how I was raised, we celebrate the woman who has no choice but to be everything to her babies. My mommy once told me, “I’m your momma and your daddy, so you gon’ be just fine.” You know what? She was right.

Happy Father’s Day

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