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Over the years, 50 Cent has made it known that Oprah isn’t his most favorite person. Or at least, that’s what he wanted his fans to believe. His reasoning was that, she wasn’t a huge supportive of Hip-Hop and she focused on appealing to a demographic of middle-aged white women who disliked his music.

This past weekend, 50 Cent became the second hip hop artist to sit down with Oprah since she launched OWN, (Jay-z being the first) and the two had an incredible conversation about 50′s childhood, life and love. The interview was conducted in 50′s grandmother’s house, where he grew up, and there was a part where he teared up as he stood in his grandmother’s basement and reflected on the loss of his mother. They also discussed the use of the ‘N Word’ in music as well as sexism, and 50′s decision to name his dog after ‘Oprah’.

50 may have came into the rap game as a smack-talking bully (who famously derailed Ja Rule’s career) but his message is very clear. He’s now focused on leaving a legacy that extends past his body of work and focuses on the positive effects he’s had on the lives of others. He tells Oprah:

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