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You damn right! I made it! We made it! We arrived in Columbus shortly after 5pm Monday evening. The sun was high, winds were steady and temperatures reached 80degrees. In a group of about 20people  including Jeri Tolliver, program director of 1230am the Buzz, and the Senate Democratic Leader, Eric Kearney we walked in the name of “Children”. We all had one thought in mind as we stepped from Cincinnati to Columbus, a few more miles to go! The purpose of this walk was dedicated to eliminating childhood hunger and eliminating food desserts in the community. This is Senator Eric Kearney’s 6th Walk for Children’s Health. Each year, the Walk is designed to raise awareness about the work of non- profit organizations working to make change for the children in the Greater Cincinnati and Ohio area.

It wasn’t easy with the heat, my feet, road kill, rolling hills, and self-doubt. Seriously I just got the feeling back in everyone of my toesies. But the purpose of this walk was bigger than me therefore I had to keep pushing.  As with many other challenges in life “together we achieved this amazing feat.” Together we can make a difference in a child’s life!

As exhausted as I was at the end of the walk the Senator even had me host the Press Conference. I want to thank Senator Kearney for all of his efforts and the impact he has made thus far. He is a hero!

Your thoughts?

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