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Last season on WE tv The Braxton Family Values the world realized the star that is Tamar Braxton! Not one who is shy, she made all of our vocabularies a bit colorful (to say the least). You better believe that his season she’s stepped up her “word play” and phrases, embedding her enjoyable personality in her hearts. She is the sister we watch for!

Here are 5 things you may not have known about Tamar:

(5) Tamar has a 4 octave vocal range, meaning she can hit a note close to Mariah Carey (who by the way is her self-proclaimed idol)

(4) This month Tamar and her hubby/music mogul Vincent Herbert started filming for a spin-off show entitled Tamar & Vince.

(3) Tamar sang background for Lady Gaga on her international hit record Born This Way.

(2) Tamar has had plastic surgery! Mainly for medical reason associated with breathing. Tamar was born without cartilage in her nose, like her father Michael and eldest sister Toni Braxton. Thus, the two nose jobs were to correct the problem.

(1) The most recent tweet from Tamar:

…and if you didn’t know “she” meaning Tamar (she refers to herself in third person). Gotta love Tamar lol.

Video: February 2012

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