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In a domestic violence scandal in 2008, Chris Brown instantly became a moving target for the public. No one really expected his career to recover from the damage the incident had done to his reputation. Prior, he had 2 multiplatinum albums, a number of hit collaborations, endorsements, and had even been compared to his idol Michael Jackson.

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Brown paid his debt through community service. Even after he fulfilled his court obligations (and cited for exceptional behavior), the media would not seem to let up on his case. The Good Morning America interview of March 2011 seems to be the epitome of his frustration, as he allegedly became violent and damaged a window in the studio right above Time Square when Roberts continued to bring up his restraining order. He had felt the raft of the public in the tabloids as well as in the bank when his album Graffiti (2009) flopped. Stores were rumored to be in protest against the project and didn’t even bother to shelve the record! For about a year he withdrew from public appearances altogether.

Like the phoenix…

It took nearly 3 years for Brown redeem himself from the event that changed his life, taking him from boy to young man. F.A.M.E. (Fans Are My Everything), released March 18, 2011, became certified gold with 270, 000 copies sold in the first week! This serves as Brown’s first #1 album in the US to date. The success can surely be attributed to the vulnerability of the record. He was honest, remorseful, and appreciative to still have a voice amongst all the chaos. Songs like Deuces, She Ain’t You, Look at Me Now, No BS, and Beautiful People are back to back hits. Of course, slowly but surely fellow artists offered their support for Brown’s “return”. He had multiple Hip Hop and R&B collaborations this year, working harder than ever before. The F.A.M.E. Tour made its way to Cincinnati at the end of September, with opening acts Tyga, Kelly Rowland, and T-Pain. The 32 city tour received rave reviews from critics. Additionally, a noteworthy project would have to be his role in the 2010 blockbuster Takers. The success of the film helped add steam for an awesome year ahead for Brown.

Whether or not we gave up on him in 2008, Chris Brown earned his way back on top through his artistry.

Watch this live performance over the summer, when Brown broke the record of attendance in Rockefeller Plaza in NYC:

Fact: Chris Brown has over 6.5 million followers on Twitter! @ChrisBrown.

Chris Brown proved in 2011 he has longevity as an entertainer. Will 2012 be a repeat? Do you agree with his title as “Comeback King”? Let us know your thoughts by posting a comment below. Be sure to log-on to WizNation.com for all Year in Review details this week!