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This all about family fun! Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey are in town this weekend, performing a “Fully Charged” 3 hour show at the US Bank Arena. We were lucky enough to grab an exclusive with Sean Davis, also known as Mr. Pickles.


The circus will be in Cincinnati today through Sunday. You have a choice between these showtimes: Thursday March 8th- 7pm, Friday March 9th- 7pm, Saturday March 10th- 11am/3pm/7pm, and Sunday March 11th- 1pm/5pm. That is plenty of opportunity to head downtown and make lasting memories with the entire family.

Mr. Pickles encourages us to “unplug from the matrix of life” and enjoy something natural and fun, leaving that iPad and Macbook behind. An ex-Marine, Mr. Pickles continues to serve his country in an awesome way by bring smiles to faces all over our nation. Inspired by his 10 year old daughter Alexis, he lives by the motto “always be true to yourself and what you love”. Watch below:

It’s a great time to be in Cincinnati because the circus is in town! Be sure to tell us all about your experience at this year’s show by leaving a comment below or on our Facebook fan page 101.1 Wiz Nation.

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