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If you’ve followed the tabloids over the last couple years you are well aware of the fallen star who is Maia Campbell. She’s been put on blast on blogs, and flat out humiliated by the media, as she had succomb to drug addiction.


It looks as though Maia is getting her life together! In addition to her addiction she suffers from bipolar disease, so she’s had a hard battle to fight. Apparently she’s been working on music projects. “Make Em Say” is supposed to be her current single which is available on iTunes. Maia is also said to be drafting a book about her life (quite naturally).

She states:

‘I know the last time everyone saw me, I was way out there on the other stretch of the road. I got myself together, I’ve been sober for two years and I’ve been stable and very [aware] of how this industry works. I’ve been in this industry since I was a little girl so I’m a professional. I am very able to jump back into these waters and swim deep and get it in. So let’s get it poppin.’

Well all right then, this we have to see! We really wish her the best in her recovery and hope she proves to her fans she has turned her life around.

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