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Bogart’s is well on their way to reclaiming their spot as the city’s top concert venue. 101.1 The Wiz was fortunate enough to get a tour of the newly remodeled space, which comes just in time for the Wiz Anniversary Concert Series (Self Diploma Edition), starring Jermaine Dupri  Saturday March 10th.


The show will also feature recording artists French Montana and Loverance. Be sure to get your tickets early! This is sure to be a party people will be talking about for quite some time and you don’t want to miss anything. That is why we are excited to continue our concert series with Bogart’s. Karen, the general manager, says “We are creating a more customer friendly environment.” This can be seen by way of their official coat check that will also serve as a customer service booth. Bogart’s has plans to expand on the perimeter of the building where eventually outdoor events can be held (but that reamins a future project).

What was truly impressive were the upgraded bathrooms, artist dressing rooms, and the VIP area. Everything has a fresh coat of paint and it’s like a whole new energy in the room. DJ Skillz took a liking to the authentic signed posters by the bands that have come through Bogart’s, they really give the walls a special touch.

Thank you to Bogart’s for your hospitality! We cannot wait to put on an incredible show Saturday March 10th, with Jermaine Dupri for the Wiz Anniversary Concert Series (Self Diploma Edition). Leave us a comment below or on our Facebook fanpage 101.1 Wiz Nation.

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