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I’ve been struggling with something as we grieve over Whitney Houston’s death. I must admit I shed a tear watching the wonderful home going service for Whitney Houston. She went back to the church she started out singing in, going home to go home. However I must say I am so disappointed at how Bobby was treated. He was asked to move 3 times, and not allowed to see his daughter. I commend him for not making a scene and ruining the day. He left peacefully. The family says he had a “big entourage”. How did that get by all the cameras? Bobby Brown showed up with crew, and no camera’s catch it? Come on now.

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Let’s keep it real. Sissy hates Bobby. Bobbi Christina now controls and estate worth $100 million. She does not want Bobbi to see her father.  The link below shows Bobby, his wife, and one other leavening in a SUV. Unless Bobby’s crew was packed in the Navigator like Circus clowns the entourage story must be false. Why is there a need to blame this man for all of the late Whitney Houston’s problems? I am praying for brother Bobby. He lost his wife of 14 years-the mother of his child.  How many of you have mean in-laws? Karma is a trip. You can’t look at Bobbi, and not see Bobby! Im’ just saying, cus ain’t nobody else!

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