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I am taking time to talk about something that is bothering me. We are all saddened by the untimely passing of the legendary icon, Whitney Houston. While listening to Cincinnati listeners blame her death on ex-husband Bobby Brown, I find that really disturbing. If you ever read any one of the unauthorized autobiographies of Whitney Houston, you will realize she had a substance abuse problem long before she met Bobby Brown. It seems clear now that she continued to have this problem after she and Bobby parted. In several interviews, Whitney has always emphatically stated “No one makes me do anything!” Did anyone see the reality show, “Being Bobby Brown”? After viewing one episode, I started to pray for Bobby! (LOL) Come on folks. Bobby Brown tried to stage an intervention for Whitney shortly after their divorce. That’s pretty deep. Even Bobby…said “Hey, you need some help.” He was in a position to know.

I believe Clive Davis is a genius. When Whitney was being handled by him early in her career, you never heard much from her in interviews. That was wise, no one ever knew the “hood” so apparent in Whitney from being in the projects at an early age. She was also a model early on. This is another career arena in which drug problems are imminent. Both the music industry and the modeling industry are full of folks with drug problems.

I recall a PRE-BOBBY period when Whitney had public fights with her “bff” Robyn Crawford. Also in one public incident, allegedly, Whitney’s Mom Cissy punched Robyn after Robyn slapped Whitney – ALL PRE-BOBBY.

Instead of placing blame, we need to pray for them all – Bobbi Christina, Bobby, and the entire family.

I’m just saying.

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