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Golden Brooks finally decided to let the paparazzi snap photos of her beautiful baby girl Dakota!

Celebrity mothers have to be very protective of their babies. At times the media can be very aggressive in trying to capture exclusive images, going to great (and sometimes dangerous) lengths for the money shot. We totally understand why Golden kept Dakota real low key. “Girlfriends” actress Golden Brooks showed off her daughter for the first time recently while out and about in L.A. Her baby girl is 2 years old and adorable. In case you didn’t know, her daddy is none other that Single Ladies actor D.B. Woodside.

D.B. addressed the “issues” that have been reported about him and Golden. Here’s what he had to say:

“Everyone really seems to keep picking at me for some scandalous story about Golden and I but there’s nothing to report, bruh. I’m sorry to disappoint but there isn’t any drama here. Golden and I are not together. We are not married, we are not engaged, we never were engaged, and we are not dating. We are only friends. Friends that love and support our daughter. Can everyone leave us alone now? Please.”


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