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Janero Marchand unleashed a tirade of accusations against Amber Rose on his Twitter account today (January 23). In his up coming documentary “The Michael Jordan of Models: This Is Janero” he plans on exposing Amber.

“Set the record straight. Yes, I introduced Amber Rose to Kanye West for the “Robocop” video. She stole my 20% of her $100,000 for the video.

Amber & her brother Antonio were going to Hawaii plotting & stealing money from Kanye. I didn’t want anything to do with it so YES I told Ye. That is the real reason they broke up. I will speak more on it in my [documentary], The Michael Jordan of Models: This Is Janero drops in Feb. 2012.

I’ve silenced myself long enough and I’m just tired of Amber’s lies. If she tries to refute what I say. I have emails to back up everything. Kanye is a good person & it’s not right what Amber is doing to him.”

Marchand also claimed that one of the reasons for exposing Amber Rose was because of her recent allegations against Kanye West in the media, that included accusations that Kanye cheated on her with Kim Kardashian.

Check out Amber’s twitter rant below!!!


I find it interesting that he wants to drop this bomb so close to his book release date in February. Sounds like another stunt lames pull to push sales…so sad.

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