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The first lady Michelle Obama turns 48 years old today! Promoting service and working with young people has remained a staple of her career and her interest in the White House, exemplified by her Let’s Move campaign to bring together communities in a nationwide effort to tackle childhood obesity. As Mrs Obama celebrates her birthday today, here are 48 things you didn’t know about about the First Lady:

1. Her nickname is “Miche” (pronounced “Meesh”).

2. Her husband calls her “My Rock”

3. Her father worked the swing shift in the boiler room at Chicago’s water purification plant.

4. She grew up with her older brother, Craig, and parents in a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment. She shared the living room with her brother, which was separated by a room divider.

5. She and her brother both skipped a year at school – second grade.

6. As a girl, she loved her “Easy-Bake Oven”.

7. Michelle was student council treasurer in high school.

8. Growing up, she practiced playing the piano so much that she had to be told to stop.

9. Although a great athlete, she shied away from competitive sports because, her big brother says, “she hated losing”.

10. Her father died of complications from multiple sclerosis when she was in her 20s.

First Lady Michelle Obama Brings “Let’s Move” Campaign To Harlem School [VIDEO]

11. Michelle attended only public schools while growing up in Chicago.

12. She was assigned Barack’s mentor when he came to her Chicago firm for a summer job.

13. Her first impression of Barack wasn’t great; after seeing a photo of him in the law firm directory she decided he had a big nose.

14. She declined Barack’s first invitations to go out on a date, saying it would be inappropriate.

15. Her father and brother had always said you could tell a lot about someone’s character on the court, so before agreeing to date Barack, she asked her brother to take him on on the basketball court.

16. Her university dissertation was entitled, “Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community.”

17. Santita Jackson, Jesse Jackson’s daughter and Michelle’s high school classmate, sang at the wedding

18. She works out “like a gladiator,” according to friends.

19. She hates tights – too “painful.”

20. At the Democratic National Convention in 2004

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