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Taraji P. Henson is front and center on the February 2012 issue of Upscale Magazine. The Oscar nominated actress pulled no punches chatting about the business of Hollywood.

On her  Twitter outburst regarding her  exclusion from the TV Guide cover with her “Person of Interest” co-stars:

“I just stated a fact. And the people spoke. And then CBS pulled the whole cover. I get that all the time. Sometimes I admit I feel like, ‘Can I catch a break?’ That wasn’t the first time it’s happened and it won’t be the last. This was just one time I chose to speak on it.”

The challenges she faces as an actress of color in Hollywood:

“Hollywood keeps trying to tell me that black women can’t open a film. I will absolutely prove them wrong before my career is done. I want to stretch my acting muscle and do something completely different. I’d love to play a man. Sounds weird, but I want to do something that make me work hard. Call me kooky, but I always want to go outside my comfort zone.”

Stepping out of her comfort zone for her upcoming role in Think Like A Man:

“You’ve never seen me play this girl. She’s a bitch. And she’s the pretty girl in the film. I wanted this role so bad. I told the casting folks,’if you don’t let me get that role, I don’t need to be in this movie at all.’ They were thinking about casting a white girl for the role and I said, ‘No. I can do this.’ And then of course, when it’s time to start filming, I freaked out. I said, wait’ Maybe I should play the baby-momma instead….[LOL] I was scared because it’s so different than anything I’ve ever done.”

Upscale Magazine is on newsstands now



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