Twitter became the playground for celebs to beef and sling insults back and forth in 2011. Anyone with an active Twitter account had a front row seat to some of the most scathing twitter beefs we’ve seen since social media took over our lives. Like many of our readers, I sat and watched in disbelief that such ish was going down on such a public platform. Via:Hellobeautiful

The year started off with:

Ciara vs 50

The beef started when 50 tweeted he had just visited the Playboy mansion and now wants to be a pimp.50 Cent asked his Twitter followers to get at him if they want to have him as their pimp. His female fans replied trying to get their dirty talk on and all hell broke loose:

Ciara tweeted the following message allegedly directed at 50 Cent: “The things people tweet say a lot about their character, pay attention!:)”

50 Cent replied to Ciara’s tweet allegedly directed towards him: “Yea I tweet things that reflect my character b*tch. I have a sense of humor get that’s why your 3 mill followers behind me.”

Ciara, ended with: “ooohh, tell em why u mad b!”

50 has since unfollowed Ciara on Twitter!!

Rihanna vs Ciara

Rihanna and Ciara got into a little cat fight on Twitter. Rihanna was not pleased with Ciara’s commentary when she told Joan Rivers on E!’s “Fashion Police” that Rihanna wasn’t so nice to her the last time they saw each other. No sooner did the words come out of Ciara’s mouth, Rihanna went on Twitter and shots were fired immediately.

They have since apologized and moved on.

Wale vs Rosa Acosta

This is what happens when twitter goes wrong…Apparently Rosa was hosting a Heineken event in Philly and tweeted, “Heineken #RedStarAccess Event w/ @djsmokephilly @djalamonj @dynastyseries can’t wait for @Wale to perform.” When Wale took to the stage, he ran into a few security issues…

Rosa tweeted:

“@Wale went into the crowd and some security had to save him #CreativeIdeaFail #RedStarAccess,” she wrote. No biggie right? Not according to Wale! Wale saw the tweet and went off on Rosa.

Keyshia Cole vs Lil Kim

Keyshia took to her Twitter account to vent her frustrations about her album being snubbed during the 2011 BET awards nominations. And while she had her followers attention, took a moment to update she and Lil Kim’s relationship status:

If you remember, Keyshia got caught up in Nicki Minaj and Kim’s beef when Nicki rapped lyrics like “Yeah I took the spot she gone POOF, me and KC deuce” (and more) that seemed to be directed towards Kim in their single “I Ain’t Thru”. This made Kim feel like Keyshia was #TeamNicki being that it was HER record.

Kim caught wind of Keyshia’s tweets and all hell broke loose. Kim went in on Keyshia, calling her everything from a flop to a faker!

Damn Keyshia, we love you, but c’mon girl your album was not all that!!

JHud & Fan

Jennifer Hudson got into a heated debate with a fan on Twitter who questioned the singer’s recent weight loss and made comments about the singer’s fiance David Otunga. Referring to her fiance as being gay, the fan asked the weight watcher spokeswoman if she used only Weight Watchers or did she also got some surgical help? The Oscar-winning actress made headlines this week when it was reported that she’d dropped to the controversial size 0.

In a series of tweets between the two, it got more aggressive. The Twitter user wrote: “Bitch you have crows feet, laugh lines, your knees knocked, and on the Essence cover you had stretch marks. Do you really?”

Just because JHud is half the size she once was, does not mean she won’t come for you

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