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Diddy Dirty Money’s Kalenna sounds like she’s enjoying having time to focus on her solo career now that the group has–seemingly–run it’s course.

“Life after Diddy-Dirty Money has been like waking up and smelling the roses, you know what I’m sayin’ [laughs]?” Kalenna told SOHH. “I’m getting back to my true essence and its been a process of growth. I did a lot of writing on the album but the thing is, we’re Dirty Money for life … we did something that was never done before and if Diddy wanted to put another album out — he could, because we have that much content. But right now, my main focus is my solo project.”

“I’m really excited about being able to do my own project, the album’s first single, “Go to Work” is one of those tracks that had me excited to see how people were going to receive it,” she added.

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