Although the press has been discussing Hillary Clinton’s presidential run in 2016 since she formally resigned from her post as Secretary of State, many pundits…

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What in the H*LL!!! Atlanta College student, Brittany Swift twerks for the camera while in a moving car. The dance is reportedly called “the whip!” The young lady dances while the vehicle rolls down a residential street. Somehow, the teen lost her grip and down she went, falling out of the car. PLEASE DO NOT […]

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Say it’s not so? Just when you thought reality tv couldn’t get any worse. Here Comes Lil Boosie’s bay momma’s reality show. You and I know this show is about to be a hot…. Check out the video below and tell me your thoughts? Will this show set us back as a people? I […]


Halloween is creeping around the corner! Will you trick or treat this year? Make sure you have the right outfit. If you are still unsure as to what to dress up as, view a few ideas within the gallery below as you decide to go door to door for candy or to boo-gie! We dare to […]


  Now, ok.Vivica Fox is usually portrayed as a strong Black woman, who doesn’t take any mess from a man. However, Vivica is entitled to be human! Right? 50 did put her on blast a few years back; he said some real mean things when the relationship didn’t work out. But, OMG & WTH? Vivica must have […]


OMG & WTH. This young man is on point, so shout out to his mother April Williams who taught him well! Damon Williams is a 14 year old African American boy from Chicago who has business sense that many adults don’t have. He is stacking dough by working the stock market. What?! Just, peep the video. […]