ESSENCE Festival 2016 is finally upon us, and with festivities just hours away, ESSENCE has announced they will celebrate the life of Prince with a New Orleans-themed tribute on Sunday (July 3).


V. Bozeman recently known for her character “Veronica” on FOX Empire is not afraid to conquer any song that comes her way. Who is V?  One of the greatest low key singers walking this Earth right now.  She is also becoming what Tammy Terrell was to Marvin Gaye for Tyrese Gibson and music producer Timbaland’s secret musical […]


Tyrese has sure come a long way from playing “Jody” on Baby Boy. Check out Tyrese’s current masterpiece a short film/music video that will surely make you want to see an extended version.  The short film stars Tyrese of course and co-stars the rising star of FOX Empire’s V. Bozeman. As always please watch and […]