Don’t you hate when you get fake news on you Facebook page? If you said yes, it looks like your prayers have been answered… Because Facebook is about to crack down on all of the fake news stories out there. According to Complex Facebook will allow users to flag media stories that seem or are […]

Former UC Officer Ray Tensing’s Attorney Stew Mathews  said he took Tensing to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office so Tensing could turn himself in on yesterday. Mathews said he is now crafting Tensing’s defense, which will be that Tensing fired in self defense. Mathews also said “He’s devastated by this, as is his family, and he […]

    Earlier this year, veteran West Coast MC Rappin’ 4-Tay called out Drake for copying his rhymes on YG‘s song, “Who Do You Love.” Drizzy never officially responded to the claims, but today TMZis reporting that Drake’s camp has agreed to pay 4-Tay $100K for the use of the lyrics, though no lawsuit was filed in the matter. Stay tuned for more […]


Have you heard? There’s interesting news floating around about a brand new addition to the way we conduct business when it comes to debit cards at the Bank of America. They are now charging $5 a month to use their debit cards. Many people are upset by the new fee and don’t deem it necessary […]