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I love them, lol. So Wiz has a new record “A** Drop”. As you can see Amber has inspired the visual in such a fabulous way. Gotta love a couple that can play together:


A recently uploaded music video of what appears to be very young children twerking on a football field as several adult rappers cheer them on is drawing the ire of many on social media and the blogosphere. The YouTube video titled, “Hut Hut-Football Twerk Song By Monsta With da Fade,” shows more than a dozen young, African-American girls […]

We’ve all seen one or two videos of Miley Cyrus twerking over the past few months, but who would have thought the Disney star could spark an epidemic amongst the older generation? The Golden Sisters became YouTube stars after their video of them watching and giving a hilarious play-by-play of Kim K’s sextape. The trio now has a […]

If I was Nelly I would never left Ashanti Alone. She would be having my kids by now. Let me stop I sound like a groupie. source