The highly-popular publication, Forbes, posted its annual 30 Under 30 lists in categories including Games, Music, Sports, Art & Style, Hollywood & Entertainment — among others. This year, Star Wars newbie John Boyega, 23, is one of the many inspiring people to make the cut. The Daily Show’s theme song recently received an upbeat facelift. Superstar producer Timbaland redid the […]

Here is the official trailer to Transformers 4 “Age Of Extinction” which is scheduled to hit theaters this summer on June 27th. Check it out below…

Where is Bumblebee when you really need him??? TMZ has obtained footage of actor Shia LaBeouf being beaten up on a Vancouver street by an unknown assailant. After being picked up off the ground, his companions were overheard telling him to “lay low.” It appears that both men were a little tipsy, so we’ll chalk […]

Baby Boy’s career is on tilt. The rapper, singer, actor and recent author has come along way from a teenager riding the bus on TV and singing Coca-Cola jingles. Tyrese Gibson starred in several hit movies including “2Fast 2Furious,” “Four Brothers,” “Waist Deep”, “Annapolis” and “Transformers” just to name a few. We know his one […]

Rapper, Actor, Singer, Model Tyrese Gibson covers Jet Magazine’s April issue. The quadruple threat looks dapper in a finely tailored suit. He talks about the release of two Blockbuster movies “Transformers 3” and “Fast Five,” a book “How To Get Out Of Your Own Way” and album set for a Summer release. “I live my […]

Actor and comedian Anthony Anderson got robbed. Not literally, but after helping to save the world in the first live action Transformers movie he was inexplicably missing from the sequels. So when he stopped by the Interactive One offices to talk about his Mixtape Comedy series we had to ask him what the hell happened […]

  Via: Singer Tyrese shared this picture of him and his daughter Shayla Gibson,3, with this caption, “My little girl saved me from the rain.”   Tyrese, who is known for speaking his mind, also added, “Sad but black fathers are near extinct. So many of us locked up and not there for our kids. […]