It’s a sad day in Hip-Hop. The son of the late Sylvia Robinson, Rhondo Robinson died in New Jersey Tuesday morning at 43 years old.…

After posting the news about Sugar Hill Records co-founder Sylvia Robinson‘s death on our Facebook page, we noticed this comment, “I thought she was a crook.” Unfortunately, this isn’t the only person with unflattering memories of this hip-hop legend. In addition to being remembered as an artist, songwriter and producer, Sylvia Vanderpool Robinson was an […]

Rappers, fans, and the hip-hop community were saddened to learn that Sugar Hill Records co-founder Sylvia Robinson died today. Q-Tip seems to have been the first to share the news on Twitter, and former Def Jam artist Lady Luck tweeted, “Today we lost the mother of rap. My aunt. Sylvia robinson.” Here’s how some rappers […]

Legendary hip-hop music executive Sylvia Robinson, co-founder of Sugar Hill Records, has died. In addition to her work on the business side of music, she was also a singer, musician, music producer. Sugar Hill Records was the label home to many of early hip-hop’s most successful artists, like the Sugar Hill Gang and Grandmaster Flash […]